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Friday, March 16, 2007

What time is it?

If you read Spanish, follow the links here or here to read about DC United's 1-1 draw against Mexican powerhouse FC Guadalajara, and how las Chivas aren't really happy about it. If you read Spanish follow the link here or if you read English follow this link here to read about how the Dynamo whooped FC Pachuca (but how is anyone a futbol fan if they can't at least read Spanish? That's half the reason I learned this beautiful language, so I could follow the Beautiful Game!). Anyway, is it time for Mexico to freakin' start taking futbol in los Estados Unidos seriously? Maybe? Kinda? Sorta? YES, I very much think so.

Non-CONCACAF stuff -- Saturn Cup! I'm spending $56 and three hours Saturday night to watch FC Dallas and the Chicago Fire duke it out at the University of Oklahoma soccer field in exhibition play, and I'm just thrilled to pieces. If I can get it together, there might be pictures posted here soon. Yes, it's not much, but how often does MLS come to Oklahoma? Not bloody often.

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