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Saturday, April 01, 2006

First Kick

Huzzah, finally, MLS has opened its season, and I actually got to watch FC Dallas take on the Chicago Fire, and dammit, they won. The game, from what I saw of it, seemed fairly evenly matched throughout the first half and most of the second half, right up until that goal by Dallas' Kenny Cooper in the 70th put his team on top to win 3-2. In the first 20, especially after a tidy goal for Chicago by Chad Barrett and his "got a little captain in ya" pose afterward, I thought the Fire were living up to their name. All in all, though, it was a good game and I'm glad I got to watch it, even if it was from my desk at work.

The Embrace the Colors ad looked better on TV than it did on the computer, too. The real sucky thing about this game was, we're having some foul weather in Oklahoma today, and the top right third of the screen was blocked by this large map of the state telling us where the bad weather was. And, the meteorologists broke into the game in the last 15 minutes to update us on storms, so I really didn't get to see much of the game. One reason why I prefer games on basic cable. If there's a real problem, the Emergency Broadcasting System will come over the audio and tell you to git yer goodies and git out. Which I actually heard them say once.

Right now I'm match tracking the Wizards-Crew matchup off, getting my first taste of fantasy futbol. KS's Nick Garcia and Kerry Zavagnin, as well as my crush Frankie Hejduk of the Crew, are on my team. Frankie's not playing today -- hamstring injury recovery still -- but Nick and Kerry are, so I'm enjoying that. And in about an hour I'll start match tracking LA vs Revs in their championship rematch.

So yeah, I'm in MLS heaven, and you can find me here every Saturday for the next eight months.


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