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Monday, April 09, 2007

Getting my goats

Now who would have guessed that the team to make my day this weekend would be Chivas USA? The LA Goats ended up being my only bright spot this weekend, at a cost to my favorite guy and his team. Chivas whooped up on Alecko Eskandarian and FC Tornoto 2-0, and a goal and an assist by Sacha Kljestan gave me the most points of the day for my fantasy team.

Saturday was an amazingly full day for me, much fuller than a usual Saturday. Most Saturdays involve breakfast at IHOP, followed by five hours of study before 10 hours of work. Now, this past Saturday did begin with breakfast at IHOP (cheers to Amit, our waiter, who was the best and friendliest waiter-guy we've had at the IHOP since Melvin left the pancake world to sell shoes at the mall), but this week it was followed by a couple of hours at the homeless shelter helping make sure that everyone got at least one good meal and some creature comforts this week, followed by 10 hours of work that was punctuated by at least that many hours of futbol. Thankfully, is back, and for a small investment of $19.95, which beats the $50 or so for Direct Kick access (which I still can't get because I don't have digital cable) you can catch some games via computer.

I did get to watch my darling DC crash out against the Colorado Arsenal ... I mean Rapids (love the new red kits, guys!) ... on ABC, although it was at work with the sound off. (a note -- Dick's Sporting Goods Arena is still the most unfortunately named sports complext ever. The Dick? C'moooooooooon!) It looked cold, the players looked cold, the game looked cold. And Troy, Troy, Troy? Wha'happened? I didn't see any spark or dazzle out of DC, but I'm clinging to the belief that it was One Bad Game for them and I'll let it go at that. Erpen didn't do anything amazingly silly, but by that note he also didn't do anything amazingly good, either. I'm not sure about DC's new aquisition, Fred, who came on pitch when I actually had to start doing my job, although I did manage to look up to catch the "Famous Freds" montage that included Fred Flintstone. Ugh. Thanks ABC. Good goal from newguy Luciano Emilio with help from Yinka Casal, and I was waiting and waiting for another one of those that could get the draw, but it wasn't to be.

Via I was able to catch most of the Fire's victory over the Revs, and as far as I could tell it was a good game, although I tuned in too late to catch Logan Pause's goal. And I MatchTracked the rest of the games -- draws betweem RSL and Dallas and the Crew and RBNY, although it sounds like I missed good games. I have to say, I'm a little worried about RSL (did I say that? I guess I really have accepted Salt Lake into my futbol passions!) and Nick Rimando, and a little pleased with the Crew. And I missed out on the Cup rematch of LA vs. Houston, but oh well.

So. How's it look for the season? Uncertain, from my untrained-but-fangirl-adoring eye. I didn't pick out a sure thing that I'm willing to stake my playoff claim onto yet. But ahhhhhh, it's good to have futbol back, isn't it?

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